Friday, 22 November 2013


is for...

What surprised me in my initiation to natural beauty was the quality of natural makeup. I had expected to sacrifice effective makeup in the hunt for a healthier option. In reality however, I’ve found that the majority of natural beauty products have just as good a finish and staying power as the mainstream chemical oriented brands (if not better!!). For me, whilst the larger cosmetic companies may have bigger marketing budgets, the quality that many of the natural cosmetic companies strive for is paramount.

Having said this, my makeup bag still features a number of mainstream cosmetic brands. I’m currently attempting to cleanse my beauty regime of chemicals, but I think to avoid chemical makeup completely would be tricky. So I hope to reduce the number of chemical oriented makeup brands I use as opposed to removing them from my regime altogether, incorporating natural makeup into on trend beauty.

Hopefully this blog will be a way of tracking my hunt for some great natural beauty products as well as providing some healthy & happy lifestyle tips along the way.