Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I’ve got into the habit of using natural deodorant after discovering the number of parabens, petrochemicals, aluminum, and other hormone disruptive ingredients found in synthetic deodorants. Although there is no conclusive evidence, antiperspirant deodorants have been linked to breast cancer and considering the frequency of application and proximity to the lymph nodes, I’d rather not take the risk… Here are some safer options…

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant: Rose has natural antibacterial properties ideal for combatting any odour associated with perspiration. It smells great and I love how portable the 30 ml size is… This has become a staple in my washbag.
Price: about £7 (30ml)
Ingredients: Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum:)*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylat*, Geranoil*, Citral*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*, Rose Moschata Leaf Extract, Rose Damascena Extract, Glycerin, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate. * from natural essential oils.

Neal’s Yard Lemon and Coriander Deodorant: Not as portable but has a very refreshing scent in the morning. Again, it won’t stop you from sweating but provides a hygienic alternative to synthetic deodorants.
Price: £8 (100ml)
Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Citrus limonum (Lemon) peel oil expressed*, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) peel oil distilled*, Citrus paradisi m. (Grapefruit) peel oil expressed*, Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) fruit oil*, Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove) bud oil*, Cymbopogon martinii (Palmarosa) herb oil*, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil*, Sodium usnate extract, Citral, Coumarin, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

Coconut Oil: It's incredibly moisturising and the antibacterial properties of the lauric acid in coconut oil combats any bacteria associated with odour. I’m personally less keen on this option because I don’t love the vibe of rubbing oil onto your underarms but it does work!


Pitrok Crystal: New to my repertoire, this is a good'n. If you're not quite ready to take the full on natural deodorant plunge than this is probably the way to go. As a roll on, it looks, feels and smells like a normal deodorant and yet it has a more favourable ingredient content. To quote the website "The PitROk crystal is a natural bacteriostatic agent - so it stops the bacteria that cause underarm odour from growing". Wonderful.
Price: £5 (50ml)
Ingredients:Aqua, Ammonium Alum, Aloe Barbadensis, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit Seed Extract), 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, Linonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Hydroxymethylpentylcyclohexene carboxaldehyde