Thursday, 5 December 2013


As someone who’s suffered from some fairly biblical hangovers in the past, I thought I’d share some natural suggestions to curb the inevitable festive hangovers this season. Although it may be tempting, reaching for a black coffee and some greasy food is not necessarily the best fix…

Milk thistle: This little gem helps detoxify the liver. It won’t necessarily eradicate your hangover completely, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to a hangover healer. Take one before and after your night out.

Banana: As an essential mineral and electrolyte, regaining potassium levels lost from alcohol consumption is important and can be solved by having a banana. Alcohol can also act as a depressant and the high serotonin levels in bananas may just boost your mood.

Honey: Apparently the fructose in honey helps your body metabolize alcohol…  Get some carbs involved by spreading some honey on toast to absorb any excess alcohol and help tackle that hangover.

Ginger: Is a traditional cure for nausea. Put a chunk in some hot water to help solve any sickness.

Water: Seems obvious but rehydration is key. Taking it a step further, coconut water is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes to rehydrate, flush toxins out of the body and avoid a headache.

Berocca: Take one that evening as a prevention tactic or it can serve as a refreshing boost in the morning. It helps restore vitamin levels as well as supporting your immune system (which may take a bit of a battering from the booze).

Tiger Balm: Try putting this on your temples and forehead for a more refreshing, natural way to cure your headache.

Cucumber: Eat a couple of slices when you’re back from your night out to get involved in some vitamins and electrolytes. Otherwise place some cold cucumber slices over your eyes in the morning to help reduce puffiness and to regain moisture in the eye area. It also feels dreamy.

Rms Beauty Living Luminizer: Get a little glow back into the face by adding this to cheek bones and anywhere else in need of a little perk (this will do nothing to fix your hangover but may help to disguise it!)