Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I personally don’t particularly enjoy long haul flights and I can’t imagine many people do. Having watched a Lisa Eldridge video about Long Haul beauty and jammily finding myself on long haul flights to a couple of destinations I thought I’d give it a go.

Why have I not done this before!? Rather than sitting in an uncomfortable seat getting a bit restless, why not pamper yourself?! It also meant that I left the plane feeling a little more ready to face the world (rather than clambering off with a dry and tired plane face)… Don’t let the fear of feeling like a bit of a bimbo detract from the potential of the plane spa you’ve created…


First I remove any traces of dirt of makeup with a face wipe (usually simple)

NYR White Tea Enriching Facial Mask applied all over face for about 10 mins and then removed with a face wipe/water if you can easily get to the loo from your seat… It’s a little white and chalky looking while it’s on if you use a lot of product, but it’s not too obvious. Leaves your skin feeling soooo soft! I got this little tester free with another purchase from Neal’s Yard.

Dr Alkaitis Organic Treatment Oil I massage this into my face for up to 15 mins. Leaves my skin hydrated, soft and plumped

Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream for longer flights I put this on once the Treatment oil is fully absorbed and apply it to my lips throughout the flight.

Voya Bright Eye applied round eyes as often as you like but I only do it once, just to prevent puffy tired looking eyes.

Love System Travel Skin & Face Mist refreshes, tones, cleanse, hydrates and “encourages a sense of personal space”. Scents sometimes make me feel a little queasy on flights but this smells legit.


Holistic Silk Eye mask This is so great. It’s like a relaxing face hug. Containing little grains of lavender to help you drift off, with velvet on the side touching your face, it feels like a little bit of luxury.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant for a refreshing spritz under the arms.

Klorane Extra-gentle Dry Shampoo if your hair’s in need of a little oomph and refreshing. I absolutely love this product, I’ve gone through so many big and little cans.

Tangle Teazer to detangle any knots and distribute the dry shampoo.

Tisserand Travel Aromatherapy Roller Ball apply to pulse points for a little boost. Contains “awakening Grapefruit oil, stimulating Bergamot Mint oil, purifying Lemon Leaf oil”.

Before I leave home I also like to cover my feet in a combination of stimulating Rosemary oil (to promote circulation) and Egyptian Magic, then put on some really comfy socks.

I hope this is helpful, adapt it to whatever suits your needs and make sure the products are under 50ml! I’d love to hear any tips anyone has about how they survive longer flights…