Sunday, 19 January 2014


So I’ve found the following seven products and items fairly invaluable on hot holidays. They’re a sort of Desert Island Items collection…. If you were only on the island for a week or two….

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or - you can use this anywhere which I love! On my body it moisturizes whilst covering you in this gorgeous, Midas-esque glow (be warned… it’s quite sparkly). For hair I use it sparingly otherwise it looks quite oily, but it’s great for taming frizz and woofty bits as well as conditioning the hair. I don’t really use it on my face because it’s very gold and sparkly but the options there. If the gold intimidates a little just opt for the plain Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse which is also great. This product has THE most amazing smell! Plus there’s nothing on the ingredients list that concerns me.

I wouldn’t keep this in your makeup bag as I found the little letters started coming off and shed onto my makeup brushes, so I’d end up with tiny little ‘P’s and ‘O’s all over my face which were quite tricky to get off!

Bare Minerals Sunscreen SPF 30 will make you reconsider the whole notion of facial sunscreen. I’m so used to slathering thick suncreams (with some serious chemical nasties) on my face that it took a while to get used to this but I’m a bit of a convert. You can’t feel you’re wearing anything it’s so breathable! It doesn’t give much coverage at all but has the added bonus of evening out your skin tone as well as providing high SPF with safe ingredients. Just insure you keep reapplying after perspiration, swimming etc.

(I optimistically went for the medium tone which is a little to dark and orange for me, so make sure you test out which shade works for you)

Sunglasses by The Row I’m obsessed with. I got them for Christmas, they’re so comfy to wear, and the sides are coated in leather or rubber or something so they don’t slip around my face… Amazing!

Sam Edelman Sandals I winced at the price of these sandals (especially when I saw them on sale about a week later) but I have to say they’ve been well worth the purchase. They’re so comfy and go with anything, smart or casual. They’ve had a lot of wear since I bought them.

A Good Book I have to admit, I used to avoid Jilly Cooper books thinking they’d be a bit rubbish… I began reading Pandora in Sri Lanka and I’m completely hooked! It’s. So. Good.

Tangle Teazer to tame my mane regardless of what it’s been through (wind, sea, sand etc.)

Mosi-guard Natural – It sounds strange but I almost find that some of the other natural mosi repellants actually attract the pests, but this one really seems to be in my corner.

I hope this is helpful, I’d love to hear if you’ve got any products or items you won’t leave for a holiday without….