Saturday, 8 February 2014


I’ve been meaning to blog about this product since I went away over Christmas. Unfortunately it’s a fairly negative review, wanting this post to serve more as cautionary tale. 

This product is crazy expensive! Thank goodness I received a tester first, as it’s just the kind of packaging and promise I’d fall for and save to purchase (especially on the quest to find a chemical free sunscreen).

At £98 pounds I’d expect it to be a high performing sunscreen and more, but I’m afraid for me it was neither. It felt quite chalky and sticky to go on and as far as I could tell did not perform any better than a standard sunscreen, then left my skin a irritated.

The packaging claims the product is “free of any chemical sunscreen agents, which can be hormone disruptors” and yet it contains nasty ingredients such as parabens which do exactly that! This makes me mistrust the brand.

It’s a product that seems to have received mixed reviews online but if you’re considering purchasing this sunscreen I’d definitely suggest getting a tester first! For me personally, it makes me cross how misleading its claims and ingredient content are, and the product itself just doesn’t perform particularly well… Especially considering its extortionate price. 

If you’re looking for a good mineral sunscreen to try, I’d suggest BareMinerals Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 (£20) or Dermologica’s Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF 30 (£30) both of which I’ve tried, tested, and loved.

(I’ve been trying to avoid putting a cheesy caption like ‘the Sun Sets on Sunday Riley’ next to this photo but I’m afraid I don’t think it can be avoided…)