Sunday, 30 March 2014


BIG LOVE for this product. I have to admit that it first caught my attention when I read in a magazine that Jade and Cara party prep with this product. I too wanted to prep like a super model and purchased. This does not disappoint.

Beautifully simple in its ingredients, I’m so used to face masks tingling or cooling (insert any relevant verb) that when I felt nothing for the duration of my sticky covered face, I feared I’d been mugged off (especially since the packaging isn’t particularly sophisticated). However, in reality it left my face glowing and unbelievably soft.

The texture is exactly like honey and although the pot is shockingly small, a little goes a long way. The ingredients reminds me of Egyptian Magic, but don’t be fooled. This is much much better! I’m not sure what makes the difference, maybe it’s the raw organic ingredient factor, maybe it’s the shrooms…

This is also great on flights because it can be kept on as long as you like (even over night) and looks very subtle (no chalky war paint here!). I applied this on my recent flight to morocco and my skin felt unbelievably great when I stepped off the plane.

Thank you for this suggestion Miss Jagger. Have you tried any of the Bee Yummy products?

Price: £24
Ingredients: Honey Cappings, Kombucha Mushroom, Royal Jelly and Purified Water