Friday, 28 March 2014


In London there are numerous great restaurants, but not so many that focus on healthy eating. The Good Life Eatery however revolves around this notion. Located on Sloane Avenue between Earl’s Court, South Ken and Sloane Square, it’s a place I can imagine flourishing in health-crazed California with its amped up smoothies and A LOT of kale.

For me, the notion perhaps goes a little too far. When I ordered ‘The Good Life Salad’ I was presented with a mountain of sassed up kale. Initially it was delicious but about a third of the way through this virtuous experience became an endurance test (… One I didn’t complete). Similarly, when I bought the ‘Drink Your Salad’, I didn’t realize that this beverage sometimes served as a substitute for a meal. I was only enlightened once I was probed as to whether I’d been influenced by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Juice Diet. Again, finishing this drink was a challenge and I’m definitely not one to advocate swapping solid meals for liquids. No thank you.

However, the hot beverages are delicious and the Chai Tea Latte sweetened by agave nectar is a personal fav. Their Peanut Butter Bites seem too good to be true and I’m also mildly obsessed with their nut drinks (in particular the Matcha Almond Mylk – look weird tastes so good). Although I’m yet to try them, their selection of gluten free bakeries also looks amazing.

The Good Life Eatery is definitely worth a try. The atmosphere’s fun and you’re guaranteed to come away feeling virtuous. I guess the key here is to choose carefully from the menu, it’s hit and miss, but when it’s hit, it’s a bull’s-eye.

Any thoughts?