Thursday, 22 May 2014


Now that the summer’s here (England has experienced a few freak days of uninterrupted sunshine) it’s time to bear all. Although summer is a completely gorgeous time of year, it has its hassles and the constant maintenance of hair removal is one of them.

Epilator: Although it seems like a lot to blow in one transaction, a good epilator is a sound investment and will save money in the long run (just think of all those waxing appointments!). I use the Braun Silk-Epil 7 Wet & Dry Cordless which is around £100.  I used to find it really rather painful, but whether my hair has got weaker or my skin’s acclimatized to epilation, I’ve got used to the sensation and it just seems quicker and easier than waxing but lasts so much longer than shaving. Plus it’s very portable and eliminates any chemicals associated with waxing.

Stop Hair Inhibitor: I stumbled across this product online and was intrigued. Of Australian origin, apparently this product consists of all natural ingredients, contains no parabens and “mimics the process of male pattern baldness”. Applied daily after any form of hair removal, the product claims to eventually permanently remove hair. Hmmmm, for £39.95 it all seems a bit too good to be true… I certainly haven’t experienced complete and permanent hair removal from this product and I’ve bought a couple of bottles, but I’m fairly confident that it works and it feels incredibly gentle. It seems to have reduced regrowth and so I’m keen to continue using it and find out what happens. A great one for summer!

Have you got any tips for summer maintenance? I find together, this combination of hair removal techniques is a bit of a powerhouse, which means I can just relax a little more about when my next hair removal appointment will have to be...


Sunday, 18 May 2014


Pacifica was a brand I hadn’t heard of before The Little Shop of Beauty. This area of the event had many appealing products on display but in the end I just went for three. It’s an affordable brand which is 100% vegan, not tested on animals and refuses its ingredients phthalates, parabens, GMO, propylene glycol or artificial colours.

Enlightened Gloss in Opal: My favourite of the bunch. I’ve been watching a lot of Gossip Girl recently and so have come back round to the notion of ‘gloss’. This is not the glossiest of glosses but I like that and it ensures it’s not too sticky (one’s hair can make contact with lips with out it being too much of an issue). Opal is a gorgeous, iridescent nude that would work with most makeup looks and makes your lips look incredibly healthy. This is one of the only lip glosses I’ve found that genuinely feels like it’s conditioning my lips!

Price: £12
Ingredients: Carthamus tintorius (safflower oil), oleic/linolenic polyglycerides, euphorbia cerifera ( candlila) wax, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) esters, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, theobroma cacao ( cocoa) butter, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, silica, olea europaea (olive) oil, parfum (natural), tocopherol eupatorium rebaudianum bertoni (stevia) leaf extract.  May contain: calcium sodium borosilicate, eclipta prostrate extract (natural color), media azadirachta (neem) leaf extract, manganese violet c1 77742, titanium dioxide c1 77891, iron oxides c1 77491, c1 77492, mica, tin oxide.

Pacifica Waikiki Pikake Perfume: This one I actually got free in The Little Shop of Beauty goodie bag but it was a very pleasant surprise. I have to say I’m still not overly familiar with natural perfumes but I was impressed by the lasting scent that this little roll on perfume gives. Small but mighty. I honestly can’t put my finger on what it smells like, but it smells real good. Floral. I think primarily jasmine.

Price: £12
Ingredients: Natural, pure grain alcohol and Pacifica’s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. Made without phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, GMO, propylene glycol, and artificial color. No animal testing. 100% vegan and gluten-free.

Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: For some reason I find these a little too harsh on my face so I wouldn’t repurchase, but they’re great on the go with their reseal packaging and smell amazingly coconutty.

Price: £6
Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside, Glycerin (vegetable), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract , Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Extract , Polysorbate 20, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance (all natural). 

Have you heard of Pacifica? I’m definitely keen to try more of their makeup...


Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I actually got this on a trip to Morocco, and having tried a number of the plethora of natural oils available, prickly pear seed was one I had not yet got my paw paws on.

Highly moisturizing, prickly pear seed oil is rich in vitamins and minerals (it contains a high percentage of linoleic acid and omega 6), treats wrinkles, combats skin tone and improves elasticity. It works for a variety of skin types as although it’s highly moisturizing and occlusive, it’s also an excellent product for oily skin as a result of its pore size reduction qualities.

It’s a clear yellow green oil, a little like olive oil in appearance. It’s one of the drier oils (not quite as dry as argon) and absorbs easily. It’s also very versatile and can be used for face, skin, nails and hair (though I’ve only tried the former).

I have to say it doesn’t smell amazing but I’ve used it day and night and feel like it’s improved my general skin condition. In particular, I think it gives the skin a healthy glow.

Have you tried prickly pear seed oil?


Sunday, 11 May 2014


Health begins with diet, but sometimes (often) I feel like me and my body need a little extra help. Supplements are a great way to get that little bit of extra nutrition. It’s difficult to know how well supplements are working as the build up is so gradual but here are three that I’ve recently been taking.

Eye Q Capsules

I’m not particularly keen on fish so these are a great way to ensure that my levels of omega-3 and omega-6 are sufficient. Each serving contains fish oil, eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, evening primrose oil and gamma-linolenic acid. What I prefer about this parictular brand of fish oil capsules, is that it prohibits the use of casein, gluten, chemicals and synthetic additives. Fish oils are said to improve cognitive performance, bone function as well as improving hair, skin and nail condition. I take two capsules every morning.

Price is currently £22.99 for 180 capsules at Holland and Barrett.

Solgar Vitamin B Complex 50

This high potency Vitamin B complex contains vitamin B1, B6, Pantothenic Acid, B2, Inositol, B3, Choline, B12, Folic Acid, D-biotin, powdered plant base as well as bulking and anti-caking agents. This powerful combination of vitamins are said to work in synergy to promote the nervous system and energy metabolism. I take one capsule in the morning.

Prices seem to vary but should be around £10 for 50 capsules.

The Organic Pharmacy Calcium & Magnesium Complex

With key ingredients such as calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, vitamin D2 and zinc citrate, this complex works to reduce stress, as well as improve our bones, muscles, skin, nervous system and immune systems. Pow! I take 2 capsules before bed.

Price is about £18 for 60 capsules

Remember supplements are just supplements and need to be consumed alongside a healthy diet. Do you have any favourite supplements that you’ve found work well?


Friday, 9 May 2014


Last night I was invited to ‘The Little Shop of Beauty’ press night, courtesy of Sheridan & Co. It’s a three day event which continues to the 11th of May so there’s still time to go if you’re in London and interested (the goodie bag alone is worth a visit). The pop-up event focuses on “championing inner and outer beauty” and provides a chance to meet, greet and try various virtuous brands that focus on natural health and beauty whilst being plied with the most delicious healthy nibbles and drinks. Heaven.

The Pressery

I love to support local brands and this is just that. A new start up based in East London, The Pressery aims to “offer a simple measure towards a healthy balanced lifestyle”. Already available in Whole Foods and Selfridges, this is the plushest of almond milks, rich in vitamins and minerals as well as protein, fibre and calcium. The raw nuts are processed in a way that maximizes the products nutritional value. Keep your eyes pealed for their Cacoa Almond Milk. It’s phenomenal.

Pai Skincare

Founded by London based Sarah Brown in 2007, Pai Skincare is already a well-established organic skincare brand whose reputation precedes itself. Hero to sensitive skin, apparently it’s a favourite of Natalie Portman. Sold! I’ve had my eye on the Pai Rosehip Oil and the Fragonia and Seabuckthorn Hand Cream for a while now but the Chamomile & Rosehip Cream is now also firmly on my radar. (I was over the moon when I later discovered the Pai Rosehip Oil was in our goodie bags).

Silk + Honey

The very lovely Sharonda Flynn launched this brand in February 2014 after discovering first hand, the repercussions of using beauty products with harmful ingredient. What’s unique about this brand is that it provides you with the ingredients, utensils and instructions to make you own batch of product so that youR know exactly what’s going into and onto your skin. So far there’s a Shimmering Body Cream, a Shea Butter Hair Conditioning Mask, a Natural Lip Gloss and an Anti-ageing Hand Cream available.

Rude Health

Rude Health is a company that stands by the ethos “Eat Right. Stay Brilliant”. A wonderful array of breakfast foods and snacks, I was particularly taken by their new notion of ‘Drinking Oats’. Finely milled oats in a bottle awaiting almond milk to be poured onto them and you’re ready to go. The very quick and easy answer to a healthy light breakfast (I’d personally need a little more) or a snack on the go!

Giovanni Haircare

I’m looking forward to trying the products this brand has to offer. Already popular in the US, the brand strives to deliver Eco Chic Hair Care. Their Argan infused line is apparently one to watch and it isn’t going to break the bank.


I hadn’t heard of Pacifica before but they offer affordable natural makeup. I purchased some face wipes and their lip gloss in opal so I’ll let you know how I get on…

Bobos Juicery

These guys deliver cold-pressed juices and smoothies to your door. About a fiver a pop these are beverages are both delicious and nutritious as well as having descriptive titles such as ‘worn out’ and ‘give me strength’. All the right side of Alice and Wonderland, there are six flavours. Some people use Bobos Juicery products for their entire diet, but this ‘juicing’ malaki isn’t for me so I’ll just stick to these action packed beverages as a supplement.

Sweet Virtues
Unfortunately I never made it to these guys so I don’t know a whole lot about the product. What I can tell you (thanks to the goodie bag) is that these are unbelievably delicious handmade superfood truffles that are worth looking in to.


Of course argan oil has been having a beauty moment but Arganic is a brand that offers both culinary and beauty benefits. They use only the best quality argan seeds which are delicately cold-pressed and sourced from morocco.

What was in my goodie bag: 

More information about ‘The Little Shop of Beauty’ pop-up event and tickets are available here.